5 Wedding-Worthy Dresses That Are Bling-y and Bright Enough to Distract You From the Hurricane

I'm not making light of Sandy {although if she wants people to take her seriously, she could consider going by Sandra } but while we still have have power, we might as well enjoy some pretty dresses, right?

These five dresses are from Romona Keveza's latest Luxe Evening Dresses collection, so they're not actually wedding dresses, but I think numbers 1 and 2 would work on a traditional bride who wants her white dress with a side of MAJOR bling. Numbers 3 and 4 would be to-die-for for a girl who likes a traditional shape but wants jaw-dropping color. And fine, Number 5 might be a little over-the-top for a wedding, but I LOVE it, and I'm feeling the need to share something bright and pretty on this hurricane-y day.

Wedding Dress 1

Wedding Dress 2

Wedding Dress 3

Wedding Dress 4

Wedding Dress 5

Which one of these dresses is your favorite? Would you wear any as your wedding dress?


White wedding dress and blue sea fulfill your dream of being a daughter of the sea

Wedding party is the most important time in a woman’s life so that they have to prepare it well. Nowadays, with the development of the society, new couples are not satisfied with the wedding party indoors. Many of them hope to hold a specific wedding party to memorize their big day. Forest, farm, sky and beaches are the places which carry the sense of romance. Hence, many new couples from cities want to hold their party on the beach.

It is said that being a daughter of the sea can bring you life-long happiness, which makes many brides dream of holding their party near the sea. However, when it comes to choosing wedding dresses, most of them feel confused for it is hard to choose one that can match the huge and charming sea. This Flower Sweetheart Tea-length Tulle A-line Wedding Dress is recommended to the daughters of the sea. Brides with body shapes of apple, hourglass, inverted triangle can try this dress.

Long wedding dresses always dominate the market of wedding dresses these days. However, it also causes many troubles. Many brides find that it is inconvenient to walk with the heavy wedding dresses. Unlike traditional wedding dresses, this one is much shorter. It will not bring any trouble when you walk on the beach. Besides, there is no need to worry about that sands may make your wedding dress dirty. And the short cut of dress also makes you elegant, grace as well as cute. Short beach wedding dress is chic and modern , which will surely bring a star to the romantic beach. This sweetheart neckline shows tenderness, sweet and sexiness of brides and it is also attractive to all the brides. With a silver belt on the waist, brides will look more slim.

This beach wedding dress is a short one too. However, the design is unique. There are some flowers on the chest which are made by lace. It shows off a sweet bride to us.

As is known to all, white is the main color of the wedding since it symbolizes purity, clarity and loyalty. Nevertheless, many new couples hold that it is too simple to make all the wedding with the color of white. They hope to try other colors to make their wedding party as colorful as their lives, thus choosing the color of the wedding dresses seems to be another problem. But it is unnecessary to worry about that. Many styles of beach wedding dresses always have several colors. So does the wedding dress mentioned in the article. You may choose ivory instead of white.


9 Irresistible Pink Wedding Dresses Inspired By Jessica Biel's Wedding Gown

We've only gotten a teeny glimpse of Jessica Biel's custom Giambattista Valli Haute Couture wedding dress on the cover of People, but the cat's out of the bag on the big news: it's PINK. Capital letters-worthy pink. Not shy 'bout it at all pink. And neither are these princess silhouettes we've been lusting after all day from Spring and Fall 2013 bridal collections. Mrs. Timberlake, you've officially crushed productivity today, and we haven't even seen the real photos yet. Should we just take the next few days off of work?

Austin Scarlet, Fall 2013

Watters, Fall 2013

Lazaro, Spring 2013

Isaac Mizrahi, Spring 2013

Andrew Gn, Spring 2013 RTW

David's Bridal, Spring 2013

And these, which are perfect--are from White by Vera Wang's Fall 2012 collection:

Alita Graham, Spring 2012

Excuse me whilst I get lost in the rabbit hole of gorgeous pink ballgowns, which were a huge Spring 2013 Bridal Market trend. So hot damn, it's a big hole!


Show your queen style with lace wedding dress

If life and figure are God's gifts, now a beautiful lace wedding dress will be the wonderful gift by oneself. Wedding dress is the best love of every female, and countless women dreamed how beautiful they will be when the moment they are in a wedding dress. Every single girl wishes to look best at her wedding day whether she may well be of plus size or ordinary size. For them it is the most important moment in their short life. Actually there is a real beauty when a girl in wedding dresses. It is a quiet, sweet, smiling and graceful atmosphere around her.

White wedding dress is always the best love for girls. White means pure and virginal, it is without any impurities. Every woman wears our beautiful wedding dress will be the most beautiful woman in the world. And happiness will along with her when wearing our lace wedding dress with her loved husband.

Our lace wedding dresses are handcrafted for all the beautiful brides. Lace of the wedding dress is fine delicate lace with pretty adornments. When the beautiful lace slips over the bride's shoulder, a beautiful scene has been formed by bride with our lace wedding dress. Every bride knows that all eyes will be on her as she walks down the aisle and as she is reciting her vows. The lace wedding dress modified her beautiful figure; every movement of her all shows her attractive and elegant personality.

Lace is the traditional craft which came from the ancient Europe, but the time when lace was born is still a mystery for people. But till now lace crafts are still the pure dream for every girl, because of its ivory white luster and the gorgeous manual texture. If we say that lace wedding dresses are the symbol of the upper class lady only, but why the dress in Victorian period had a long-standing among fashion world. That fine lace craft feeling and naturally stripes are the most impressive characteristic of lace wedding dress. Handmade lace is as rare as hen's teeth; most lace is made by machine. And the working processes are very complex, especially by hand. Even within the medieval wedding dresses, brides were in loved with lace wedding dresses. And for bride, who wants to choose lace wedding dress, need to choose the same similar decorations to match the beautiful lace wedding dress.

Want to be the most attractive and beautiful woman in your big day, a lace wedding dress will be the necessity for you. Why not choose a lace wedding dress for the important moment?


Wedding ceremony of Prince Guillaume Of Luxembourg and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg

Hi, Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg! You’re not a princess we know all that well, but after finding out that you’re a princess who wears couture, we want to get together for coffee or something! Also, everyone at your wedding looks pretty attractive – and that is of the UTMOST importance when you’re a princess getting married, darling. What’s the point of being a princess if you can’t live in a fucking fairy tale, amirite?
Wedding ceremony of Prince Guillaume Of Luxembourg and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg at the Cathedral of our Lady of Luxembourg in Luxembourg. The bride wore an Elie Saab couture gown embroidered with silver thread leaves, three-quarter length sleeves and an ivory silk tulle veil. The bridal bouquet, which was later offered to the statue of the Virgin Mary, was created by Parisian Maison Lachaume. She was escorted down the aisle by her eldest brother, Count Jehan de Lannoy.

“The tiara is composed of 270 old-cut brilliants set in platinum, with a diamond in an inverted pear shape superimposed in the centre. A dozen larger brilliants stand out owing to their closed sets, appearing like buttons along the patterns of leafed scrolls. The contours of the tiara, traced by the arrangements of the stones, are underlined by a thin line of platinum gilded pearls.”

“The tiara was made by Altenloh in Brussels. Ernest Altenloh, son of a silversmith, created the company in 1878. At the beginning of the 20th century, he was joined by Robert Altenloh, who rapidly established the international reputation of the company through the quality of its jewels and the designs of its silver work. Their shop, first located on the rue de la Madeleine close to the Royal Palace (1, place Royale – now the Magritte Museum), also sold pieces by other designers.”

The dress and veil are really gorgeous, the prince looks kind of hot, and all your little attendants are adorable, but we must say, Steph, there’s something kind of hilarious and endearing about the fact that even YOU stuck your bridesmaids in an ugly shade of peach just to keep the focus on you. Even princesses have shitty taste in bridesmaid wear.


Obtaining The Inexpensive But The Perfect Prom Gowns On Your Promenade Night

The saying low cost has already established an unsatisfactory meaning previously, but it really solely is sensible while shopping from time to time nowadays. This financial system these days requires frugality, therefore looking for the best good deals is a life-style. This is also true while you visualize paying hundreds of dollars for a wedding day outfit that should basically put on a few times. Surely there must be a way to get ready for a particular evening out rather than to head out 1000s of dollars in financial trouble.

The woman browsing party that is Online informed should be able to locate genuinely beautiful prom dresses uk, several for only under 35 us dollars. Inexpensive prom dresses don’t need to appear affordable or perhaps second fee. Offer a lower priced apparel just a little pick up by having several info on a outfits that charge a lot of money. Create your wardrobe particular along with unique shoes and boots that make you peer ideal. Create jewellery and also a carrier or maybe designer purse that contain exclusive information.

Choose an individual set that unquestionably suggests name and also displays a person’s personality. You will be the particular coveted by of the prom when you feature the facts within your clothing with a bit of tahitian as well as crystal beads or some other area of expertise merchandise. Convey a deluxe encapsulate or perhaps scarf for warmness on a cool springtime nighttime therefore you supply the outfit a good start in to the extraordinary.

Quite a few bridal plus formal shops give you a wide range of costs on the outfits. When you find yourself within the prom dress of your choice, by using a beautiful grin, marvelous head of hair along with cosmetics, your own low-priced prom dress could be the dress of the queen. Different places regarding benefits will be art shops the place you could find a new prom dresses 2012 at a branded custom made offering for a few money.

Low cost prom dresses may experience beautiful. Employ common-sense for purchasing cheap prom dresses uk and make under consideration that the personal attractiveness really seriously definitely makes the look for the particular night.


Elegant Wedding Dresses with Stunning Decorations

It must be a hot news for the brides who are looking elegant wedding gowns, as our shop despaly a group of elegant wedding dresses this week, which are charming and alluring. And the weekly free shipping wedding gowns will help you reduce the cost of your wedding, only three days left for free shipping, please take the chance and take your heart touched dress home.

 People may ask that what kind of dresses are elegant, while wise see wisdom, in everyone's eyes the dresses make you feel stunning are glamorous and elegant. For today's elegant wedding dresses showing, I pick several gowns with stunning decorations, they are beaded accents, 3D feeling flowers and vivid bow and ruffles. All the details upgrade the dresses to be perfect and flawless, if you want to see more please click the picture that you like.


Elegant Lace Wedding Dress with V-neckline

The most dreamlike wedding gown is the lace wedding dress. Lace is a magic material and attracts the bride think of many beautiful and unforgettable recalls, as to me lace is more mystical than other material. And the lace wedding gowns will make the bride more alluring and charming. Here I will focus on some elegant lace wedding dresses.

All the dresses below are made in lace and with delicate designs and accents. Beside the magic lace, the other sparkling point of the dresses is the V-neckline. Wedding gowns are in various designs, and different neckline also bring people different feelings. In the modern society, brides all want to show their charming temperament on the big, and the wedding dressed with V-neckline are very popular. V-neckline is a sexy design; brides who are confident with their figure can have a try. The first dress is a wedding gown from white azalea, it is a beautiful wedding gowns made in lace. The elegant wedding dress is charming; you can click the picture to see more details.

elegant lace wedding dresses in V-neckline
elegant lace wedding dresses in V-neckline
elegant lace wedding dresses in V-neckline
Tulle and Lace V-neck A-line Elegant Wedding Dress
elegant lace wedding dresses in V-neckline
elegant lace wedding dresses in V-neckline


Tips: How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Months of preparations have come to an end and that special day you thought would never come has come and gone. So what can you do to preserve not only the memory of your wedding day but also the wedding dresses that you treasure and that holds so much sentimental value? There are several ways of preserving your wedding dress that will make it last as long as your memories. All you need to do is follow a few important steps:
preserve wedding dress in boxSteps 1. Clean the dress. Most bridal gowns are a polyester blend material and can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth. Dry-cleaning a bridal gown is expensive and can be dangerous. Many a bride is reduced to tears by having her wedding dress ruined at the dry cleaners. Do not risk it. If you do decide to take your dress to be dry cleaned, ask about the cleaning methods used, previous wedding dresses cleaned and guarantees offered.
Steps 2. Allow the dress to dry completely before attempting to package it. Do not package a damp garment of any kind.
Steps 3. Purchase a pH neutral storage container in which to store your dress. The acids in regular cardboard storage containers can eat away at fabrics over time and cause discoloration. Even the acid-free containers advertised by bridal shops for preservation are not safe unless they are not just acid-free but pH neutral as well. Most acid-free boxes actually have a reverse alkalinity, which is just as damaging to fabrics.
Steps 4. Choose a box that is completely opaque. Most bridal storage boxes have a viewing window on top and should not be purchased for this very reason. Light causes discoloration to fabrics over time.
Steps 5. Avoid the tissue paper. If you have the right type of storage box for your wedding gown, tissue paper is not necessary and could actually be detrimental. If you feel that you must have tissue paper, purchase the acid-free kind.
Steps 6. Store your dress in an indoor closet. Do not leave it in a storage unit, attic, basement or garage. For the best bridal gown preservation possible the dress must be kept in a dry environment and at a steady temperature.
Rouched Bodice with Asymmetrical Pick up Taffeta Wedding DressSteps 7. Inspect your dress on each anniversary to check for any discolored areas or missed stains and to allow your dress to "breathe."
Note: No other garment will ever mean more to you than your wedding gown. Whether you choose to pass it on to your daughter or simply keep it as a permanent record of your wedding day, your gown deserves special attention especially on wedding anniversary. By cleaning and storing it properly, you will have a lasting and well-preserved memento that you can treasure forever.
 Find a dependable dry cleaner by calling an haute couture shop in your area and asking which cleaner the shop uses. Or contact the International Fabricare Institute (see Related Sites).
 Check inside the dress when you search for stains – makeup can rub off on the inside when you pull the dress on and off.
 Avoid boxes with cellophane windows, as they can cause damage to your dress by allowing light to discolor it.
 Some stains don't show up until months or even years later. Take the dress back to the cleaner if you find any new ones.
 Hanging your dress may cause the neck and shoulders to stretch.
 Never store your dress in plastic for long periods of time. It will not allow the fabric to breathe and eventually the fibers will begin to break down.


Elegant Tulle and Lace Wedding Dresses for every girl

It is said that a girl who wear a wedding dress is the most beautiful and pure in the world. Truly, white wedding dress with lithe tulle and fluffy skirt makes a bride an elegant princess in the real world. Her delicate face, sweet smile, nice shoulders, perfect silhouette and elegant step can be a dreamlike story to everyone. Now, you need to look for a wedding dress which just belongs to you and makes you a shining star on the wedding ceremony. Today, I would like to introduce you several wedding dresses with elegant beauty.

Tulle and Lace V-Neck Mermaid Elegant Wedding Dress

This white lace v-neck mermaid wedding dress is made of tulle. V- Neck neckline with delicate lace trims can modify your nice neck and shoulder. Delicate lace and skinny fit design on thighs adorns your perfect shape. Classic mermaid skirt with chapel train makes you more elegant and slim.
Tulle and Lace Bateau Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress

The white strapless sweetheart A-Line wedding dress is made of tulle. Graceful strapless strapless neckline adorn your nice shoulders. Luxuriant lace appliqués and beaded embellishment adorn the empire waist. Floor length wedding dress with ethereal chapel train can create a stunning look.
Tulle and Lace Strapless Sweetheart A-Line Elegant Wedding Dress

The white bateau ball gown wedding dress is made of tulle. Nice sheer sleeves can show your nice shoulders in a perfect way. It also features sophisticated lace appliqués and beaded bow sash. The A-Line skirt completes the elegant and slim silhouette.
With pure and elegant beauty, these white wedding dresses are filled with wonderful charms. Wearing such a dramatic wedding dress, you can turn into a princess in a dreamlike world. Elegant lace trims, lithe tulle, long draped skirt, all these can make you an elegant and pure bride. You can search online for more nice wedding dresses. Just choose an elegant wedding dress, may you the most beautiful and happy bride!